Introducing Pro: Say goodbye to tip jars, business cards, and song request pads - embrace the digital revolution!


dj, music, sound, edm, mixer, part, celebration, bar, dark, night Pro is revolutionizing the way DJs interact with their audience and manage song requests. With a custom QR code, audience members can easily make song requests, shoutouts, tip the DJ, and even submit booking inquiries in real-time, all from their smartphones. This innovative platform replaces outdated methods such as tip jars, business cards, and song request pads with a seamless digital experience that reaches more of the audience. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of Pro, and why it is the best way to manage song requests as a DJ.


Your DJ Page: A Digital Business Card with Purpose

With Pro, DJs have their own dedicated DJ page that can be accessed via a QR code and is searchable on the platform. This page serves as a digital business card, providing access to the DJ's website and social media profiles during the event. DJs can accept and manage song requests, shoutout requests, and even showcase disclaimers for song and shoutout requests. Additionally, the DJ page allows audience members to tip the DJ and submit booking inquiries, making it a comprehensive tool for both engagement and business opportunities.


The Audience Experience: Interactive and Engaging Pro enhances the audience experience by providing various features that allow them to actively participate in the event. Audience members can make song requests in advance through a link to the DJ page, ensuring that their favorite tracks are included in the set. They can also tip the DJ along with their song request or through the "Tip Me" feature, showing appreciation for the music. Adding comments to song requests and engaging with the community by seeing, liking, and sharing requested songs creates a sense of involvement. Moreover, Pro enables audience members to view song lyrics and details, and even transfer the selected songs to popular streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. They can also request shoutouts and submit booking inquiries, making it a truly interactive experience.


Request Management: It's Never Been Easier

Managing song requests has never been easier with Pro. DJs receive request alerts via SMS or email, or both, ensuring that no request goes unnoticed. The platform offers various sorting options, allowing DJs to organize requests by factors such as oldest, newest, most liked, BPM, duration, popularity, energy level, danceability, happiness, key, era, and genre. This comprehensive sorting system enables DJs to curate a playlist that matches the energy and vibe of the event. DJs can view comments and tip commitments, as well as see likes, energy levels, song details, and lyrics, all in one place. The platform also allows for seamless integration with popular DJ software like Serato DJ, Virtual DJ, Rekordbox, Traktor Pro, and more, making it easy to select and transfer songs. DJs can mark when songs are played or shoutouts are made, ensuring that they can keep track of the event seamlessly.


Flexible & Easy to Use: Tailored to Your Needs Pro is designed to be flexible and easy to use, providing DJs with customizable options for each event. DJs can customize their DJ profile, including their profile picture, background, and an "About Me" section, allowing them to create a unique identity for different events. Song requests, tips, shoutouts, and even karaoke mode can be turned on or off depending on the event requirements. DJs can also adjust alert settings and choose whether upcoming events should be private or public. Pro supports multiple payment options, including credit card, Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, Cash App, and M-Pesa, allowing DJs to receive payments seamlessly. Moreover, DJs can change all other settings in real-time, ensuring that they can adapt to any situation. The platform is mobile-first and works seamlessly on smartphones, providing DJs with the flexibility to manage requests on the go.


Pricing: All of this for $5.00? You bet! Pro offers competitive pricing plans that cater to DJs of all levels. The current Pro pricing is $5.00 per month, or $50 per year. This affordable pricing makes Pro accessible to DJs at any stage of their career, providing them with a valuable tool to enhance their performances and engage with their audience.


In conclusion, Pro is the ultimate tool for DJs to manage song requests and interact with their audience. With its innovative features, seamless integration with popular DJ software, and customizable options, Pro takes DJ performances to the next level. Say goodbye to tip jars, business cards, and song request pads, and embrace the digital revolution with Pro. Join the community of DJs who are already using this platform to create unforgettable experiences for their audience. Upgrade to Pro today and elevate your DJ career to new heights.