How to Get the Rink Rolling: A DJ Guide


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Are you ready to take your roller rink sessions to the next level? As a roller rink DJ, you have the power to create an electrifying atmosphere and keep the skaters grooving all night long. In this guide, we'll explore the essential skills and techniques you'll need to become a rockstar roller rink DJ. From curating the perfect playlist to handling song requests, we'll cover it all. OK, let's get the rink rolling and make sure everyone has a blast!


The Importance of a Skilled Roller Rink DJ

The first step to becoming a fantastic roller rink DJ is understanding just how crucial your role is in creating an unforgettable experience for the skaters. A skilled DJ can make or break a roller rink session. They have the power to set the pace, control the crowd, and keep the energy high throughout the night. When skaters step onto the rink, they want to be transported to a world of fun and excitement, and it's your job to make that happen.


The Art of Music Selection

One of the key aspects of being a roller rink DJ is knowing how to curate the perfect playlist. When selecting music for your roller rink sessions, it's important to consider the BPM (beats per minute) of the songs. Ideally, you should aim for songs with a BPM range of 110-120. This tempo allows skaters to groove to the rhythm without feeling overwhelmed or struggling to keep up. Additionally, mixing old-school skate jams with the latest releases will keep the playlist fresh and appealing to a wide range of skaters.


Managing Song Requests

Song requests are an integral part of any roller rink session. They not only allow skaters to hear their favorite tunes but also create a sense of engagement and connection with the DJ. As a roller rink DJ, it's important to embrace song requests and use them to your advantage.

To streamline the song request process, you can utilize digital tools like This platform makes it easy and fun for skaters to submit their song requests using their mobile phones and gives you a great tool to sort and manage those requests with extra information such as BPM, genre, energy level, and popularity of requested songs.


It's important to note that not all song requests are suitable for the roller rink environment. Explicit or suggestive lyrics may not be appropriate, especially during family skate sessions. Therefore, it's crucial to have a good understanding of your music library and prioritize songs that are both enjoyable and family friendly.


Creating the Right Vibe

A successful roller rink session is all about creating the right vibe. Skaters should feel energized and excited, ready to hit the rink and show off their moves. To achieve this, it's important to mix up the genres and avoid playing the same type of music back-to-back. For example, instead of playing five disco songs in a row, you can create a more balanced playlist by incorporating country, rock, skate jams, and hip-hop songs.


However, it's important to strike a balance between keeping the energy high and allowing skaters to catch their breath. There are times when it's necessary to slow down the floor and create a more relaxed atmosphere. This can be achieved by playing lower-energy songs or clearing the floor for couples to skate. Remember, variety is key to maintaining the interest and engagement of the skaters.


Games and Activities

In addition to curating an amazing playlist, roller rink DJs also play a vital role in organizing games and activities. These interactive sessions not only entertain the crowd but also help improve their skating skills. When planning games and activities, it's important to consider the skill level of the skaters on the floor. Mixing advanced skaters with beginners can lead to accidents and unnecessary risks. Therefore, it's wise to break down the skaters into age groups and choose games that are suitable for each group.


Some popular games and activities that you can incorporate into your roller rink sessions include limbo, trios, Ghostbusters, jailbreak, pool noodle relay races, wipeout, reverse, couples, jam skate, fast skate, glow skate, and the dice game. However, it's essential to read the crowd and adapt the games based on their preferences and skill levels. Remember, the goal is to keep everyone engaged and entertained throughout the session.



As a skilled roller rink DJ, you have the power to elevate the atmosphere of a session and create a memorable experience for skaters. Your ability to read the crowd, play the right music, and engage the audience through games and activities is essential for maintaining a fun and upbeat roller rink environment. By embracing the role of song requests and utilizing digital tools like, you can further enhance the roller rink experience and ensure that every skater has a great time on the rink. So, put on the headphones and get the rink rolling!