Using The Mobile App

1. With Notifications Enabled, you will get notified of new song requests, shoutouts and tips in the App.

2. You can swipe to mark songs played. Click on any of the blue buttons to perform other actions. Clicking on the Profile name will hide the blue buttons

3. Clicking on a song opens the song details. You can perform an action and then close the details section by clicking on the empty space. In the details section, you can click on any link to perform actions such as marking songs played, archiving, exporting and viewing more details regarding the song

4. Swipe to complete tips, shoutouts etc.

5. Clicking the Profile icon will display a list of all of your custom event pages and you can easily switch to any profile or logout.

6. If you click the QR code, you will see your QR Code. If you want to print your QR Code, Click on the Settings button and go to Profile > QR Code